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Course Structure

Draft Syllabus for Feedback (to be implemented from Academic Year 2020-21)


Course Outline of B. Arch. 2015 Pattern (Revised in 2018)

The course structure and syllabus was updated for B. Arch. in 2015, was subsequently revised in 2018 and is currently implemented for respective batches.

First Year B. Arch.:

Semester-I Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8101 Architectural Design–I
K8102 Building construction and Material-I
K8103 Theory of structures-I
K8104 Creativity and Communication-I
K8104 Architecture drawings and graphics-I
K8106 Workshop - Model making

Semester-II Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8107 Architectural Design-II
K8108 Building construction and Material-II
K8109 Theory of structures-II
K8110 Creativity and Communication-II
K8111 Architecture drawings and graphics-II
K8112 History of Architecture –I
K8113 Climatology and Climate Responsive Architecture
K8114 Workshop - Model making and Building Appraisal

Second Year B. Arch.:

Semester-III Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8201 Architectural Design -III
K8202 Building construction and Material-III
K8203 Theory of structures-III
K8204 Creativity and Communication-III
K8205 Architecture drawings and graphics-III
K8206 History of Architecture-II
K8207 Building Services -I
K8208 Elective-I

Semester-IV Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8209 Architectural Design-IV
K8210 Building construction and Material-IV
K8211 Theory of structures-IV
K8212 Computer aided Design and Drawings
K8213 History of Architecture-III
K8214 Surveying and leveling
K8215 Building services-II
K8216 Elective-II

Third Year B. Arch. :

Semester-V Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8301 Architectural Design-V
K8302 Building construction and Material-V
K8303 Theory of structures-V
K8304 Working drawing-I
K8305 History of Architecture-IV
K8306 Specification writing
K8307 Building services-III
K8308 Elective-III

Semester-VI Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8309 Architectural Design-VI
K8310 Building construction and Material-VI
K8311 Theory of structures-VI
K8312 Working drawing-II
K8313 Landscape Architecture
K8314 Estimation and Costing
K8315 Building services-IV
K8316 Elective-IV

Fourth Year B. Arch.:

Semester-VII Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8401 Architectural Design-VII
K8402 Building construction and Material-VII
K8403 Theory of structures-VII
K8404 Interior Design I
K8405 Advance Landscape Architecture
K8406 Urban planning I
K8407 Building services-V
K8408 Elective-V

Semester-VIII Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8409 Architectural Design-VIII
K8410 Building construction and Material-VIII
K8411 Vocabulary and Repertoire
K8412 Interior Design -II
K8413 Urban planning- II
K8414 Research Skills
K8415 Elective-VI

Fifth Year B. Arch.:

Semester-IX: Practical Training Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8501 Practical Training

Semester-X Total Credits-30
Subject code Subject
K8502 Architecture Design Project
K8503 Capstone project
K8504 Professional Practice
K8505 Self Study

Course Outline of M. Arch.

Semester I General Aspects of Energy, Environment & Sustainability
Sub. Code Subjects
K 8101 Energy Management
K 8102 Environmental Management
K 8103 Sustainable Development
K 8104 Sustainable Building Design Principles I - (Thermal Environment)
K 8105 Architectural Design Studio I (based on sub. Code no. 04)

Semester II Energy Efficiency in Thermal & Electrical Utilities
Sub. Code Subjects
K 8106 Thermal and Electrical Systems
K 8107 Quantitative Research Methodology
K 8 08 Green Building Criteria
K 8109 Sustainable Building Design Principles II - (Luminous Environment)
K 8110 Architectural Design Studio II (based on sub. Code nos. 04 and 09)

Semester III Renewable Energy Sources & Research Projects
Sub. Code Subjects
K 8211 Minor Research Projects
K 8212 Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources
K 8213 Sustainable Building Design Principles III - (Acoustic and Aqueous Environment)
K 8214 Architectural Design Studio III (based on sub. Code nos. 04, 09 and 13)
K 8215 Dissertation Part I

Semester IV Dissertation
Sub. Code Subjects
K 8216 Internship with Energy Consultants
K 8217 Dissertation Part II

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