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Programs And Courses

BVDU College of Architecture offers two programs, an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a post-graduate degree in Sustainable Architecture. Both programs are semester based and begin in the summer semester (June/July). Admission window opens in the month March every year and application materials are made available to the desired applicants at this time.

The college revises the course structure and syllabus periodically to accommodate changes in the field as per COA’s guidelines. Inputs from core faculty, visiting faculty, practitioners and academicians are taken alongwith the feedback received from students and alumni, to revise syllabus. The College introduced a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for M. Arch. in 2014-15. For undergraduate program the syllabus was revised to include CBCS in 2015 and is being implemented beginning in the summer semester 2015.

The admission processes are governed by the guidelines of Council of Architecture, New Delhi (COA) and the University.

Bachelor of Architecture:

Bachelor of Architecture course is offered since 1994 and had produced many successful batches for years. Many of our graduates are placed with many eminent architectural firms in India and abroad and many are practicing as successful consultants. Along with academics students get an environment to excel in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Bachelor of Architecture course is recognized by Council of Architecture vide notification No.CA/5/Academic/MH19, dated 17/02/2009 and AICTE notification No.740-89-017(A) ET99 Dated 30/06/2008.Course structure has been revised in academic year 2009 as per COA’s guidelines.The degree is awarded as Bachelor of Architecture after successful completion of five years of study as per the guidelines of Council of Architecture, New Delhi.

Master of Architecture:

Architecture, which is the most demanding of the contemporary disciplines, has both an obvious artistic component and also less obvious, but not less essential, scientific component. Our responsibility to improve the quality of life also beacons us to develop scientific and mathematically based methods of design of Thermal, Luminous, Acoustic and Aqueous environments. The Energy and Environmental issues have brought a new dimension to this process.

Master of Architecture course was introduced in 2006 as an outcome of years studies in the field of energy conservation. This unique course deals with various analysis techniques for climate responsive architecture.

Master of Architecture (Sustainable Architecture) recognized by Council of Architecture vide notification No.CA/5/Academic/MH19, dated - 17/02/2009.

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